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At Antica Cantina Sant Amico we pride ourselves on producing quality red, white and rose wines as well as spirits and liqueurs that are truely characteristic and complimentary to the Marches region of Italy. As one of the longest established winery's in the region and of only a few in existence that pre-date the 1900's Antica Cantina Sant Amico has been dedicated to developing a range of wine varietals that are not only historically important to Le Marche, but that also through experience how shown that best compliment the hilly coastal vineyard climate that make our wines so intriguing.

Whilst the heritage of our wine cellar is important to us, keeping up to date with wine innovation is also an essential part of our operations so that we can continue to produce at the highest quality and standards. Furthermore, we are now offering our wines for international delivery for all who wish to experience authentic quality Italian fine wines that are the perfect finishing touch for any dining or celebratory occasion. Salute!

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