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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil we produce is made with the finest hand-picked Raggia, Frantorio and Leccino olives. These olives are native to the Marches region of Italy and grown decisively for the distinctive flavours that combine in our quality olive oil. Our trees are found within 6 hectares of dedicated land situated around our woodland park. Upon selecting the olives, they are cold pressed within 2 hours of harvesting using traditional methods to retain freshness and character. The olive oil is then filtered and stored within a climate controlled dark room to further ensure a high quality product.

Historically, for nearly 6000 years olives have been cultivated throughout Italy’s landscapes dating back to the Roman Empire. Within this period the oil was an essential requirement to the Empires exsistence, with historic references to divisions being based specifically around olive growing territories.

Our wine cellar has a long established history with extra virgin olive oil production with some of our trees more than 100 years of age that continue to thrive within the coastal climate and hilly territories of the Le Marche Region.


Olive Varieties – Raggia, Frantorio and Leccino

Colour – Deep Olive Green

Taste – A well rounded oil offering appetising flavours of fresh green herbs, and fruit aromas, with subtle nuances of artichoke, almond and a deliciously spicy sensation that compliments the evolution of its flavours.

Quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Pairing

Consider pairing the delicious flavours of our extra virgin olive oil as a dressing for salads, an alternative to cooking oils or to simply enjoy with bread, salt and pepper to fully appreciate its fresh and interesting flavours. Below is a list of principle dishes we recommend accompanying this oil:

- Mixed pepper and salad leaf bruschetta, topped with parmesan flakes, topped with olive oil
- Shrimp and mixed leaf salad served with a slice of lemon topped with olive oil
- Grilled Chicken topped with a tomato base source with olive oil, garlic and mixed herbs


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