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Rosso Piceno DOC, Le Marche Italy

Rosso Piceno DOC

Rosso Piceno is one of our finest types of red wine that is exclusive to the Le Marche region of Italy. The name itself signifies its unique and far reaching ancestory with the name ‘Piceno’ dating back to the Picenes, the ancient tribe that dwelled within this region until the Roman conquered in 2nd Century BC. Legend has it that Hannabal the Carthaginian, during his conquests through Italy against the Roman Empire insisted on Rosso Piceno being served to his infantry as well as using the red wine to rub down his army’s horses.

Our wine cellar is one only a few historic wine cellars still in existence to produce this DOC wine with vintages dating back to decades before the wine received it’s doc status in 1968.

Rosso Piceno Italy Wine Region


Grape Variety – Sangiovese Grape (the Chianti Grape), Montepulciano Grape (Native to Le Marche)

Colour – Deep Ruby Red with Subtle Purplish Reflections

Bouquet – A beautiful bouquet of red fruits with subtle impressions of violet

Taste – A medium body dry Red wine. The presence of the montepulciano offers a soft façade to the palate, whilst the Sangiovese compliments harmoniously with its acidity to create a refreshing balance that is this wines charm. This supple red offers deliciously rounded finish with it’s expressive dark fruit and a soft, welcoming personality.

Alcohol - 12.5%

Wine Pairing

Rosso Piceno is very well suited with pasta dishes, best complimenting those with tomato/meat sauces in which the wines delicious acidity character cuts through beautifully. This Italian red wine also pairs well with grilled meats of which most notably include steak and sausage. Grilled vegetables, as well as simple but effective pairing with a selection of mature cheeses will also complement the wines flavours. Below is a list of principle dishes we recommend accompanying this wine:

- Traditional Italian Recipe Lasagne with tomato and minced beef sauce
- Grilled Steak and Vegetable Skewers
- Sortee of grilled aubergine and red/yellow peppers

Rosso Piceno grilled aubergine and peppers Rosso Piceno Traditional Lasagna Rosso Piceno Grilled Steak Vegetable Skewers


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