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Pinot Nero IGT, Le Marche Italy

Pinot Nero (IGT)

Pinot Nero (Italy’s Pinot Noir) is a black wine grape widely considered to produce some of the best and most popular red wines in the world. Our winery is proud to have been producing Pinot Nero as part of our quality wine selection for over a decade and understand well the attention to detail that is essential at every stage of the vintage from how the wine is grown all the way to the fermentation methods that are used to ensure the best conditions to yield the best wine possible.

Whilst the Pinot Nero grape is a challenge to cultivate due to its sensitivity throughout the wine making process, is very well suited to Italy’s warmer conditions, Le Marche’s coastal climate and the hillside vineyards of our winery.


Grape Variety – 100% Pino Nero Grape

Colour – Intense Ruby Red that garnets to deep red with aging

Bouquet – An underlying characteristic presence of red fruits of the wild with subtle notes of rose petal.

Taste – A deliciously complex wine offering to the palate a variety of flavours, evolving from cherry, raspberry and notes of strawberry, black cherry and plum into a distinguished presence of brushwood and wild that is only accentuated through aging. Also a presence of a well-balanced acidity throughout that complements the wines tannic for a harmonious and well-rounded finish.

Alcohol - 12.5%

Wine Pairing

This Varietal is one of the most versatile when considering food parings as it is characteristically light enough to work well with salmon but offers a complexity that also compliments richer gamey meats. Consider pairing with pork, poultry, fish, lamb, beef, wild game or simply accompanying with a selection of medium to strong cheeses. Below is a list of principle dishes we recommend accompanying this wine:

- Grilled White Salmon and asparagus with green peppercorn sauce
- Roasted Pork with breadcrumb and light honey vinaigrette served along side roasted broccoli with olive oil and seasoning
- Braised beef and vegetable casserole
- Mushroom Risotto

Pinot Nero Grilled Salmon Pinot Nero Roasted Pork Braised beef with vegetables


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